About – Foreign Muck Yuck


If you have ever travelled to a foreign country then you know there are many differences to overcome. Of course there’s the language, the customs and traditons, and importantly – in my opinion – the food.                                       


I have decided to set up this blog devoted to food… why? Well because I love food and want to share my experiences with the world! – and get feedback as to what else is out there to try. So… a little bit about me and this project I’m about to take on.

  1. I’m a 25 year old Canadian (eh!) born living in the amazing country of South Korea.
  2. I love food and learning about the different foods from around the world.
  3. I love tea.
  4. I have a cat that loves to eat bread.
  5. I’m a pseudo-vegetarian (I don’t eat red meat / seafood / pork but I will occasionally eat chicken) BUT don’t worry all you meatatarians out there, I will be talking lots about meat friendly meals 🙂

Anyways, to anyone reading this, I hope you enjoy what you see and don’t hesitate to comment on anything you might want posted. Happy reading!


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