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Around the world – airplane food


Love it or hate it, meat or fish, Delta or Asiana Air. Many people have tried it and have their own opinions on it (and if you haven’t, I hope that my little rant might inform you about it). It’s airplane food.

Before coming to Korea, I had never really experienced airplane food because I usually flew domestically with Air Canada (which I love) but who charges you for meals if you’re not flying overseas. I did however fly Porter Airlines from Halifax to Ottawa and was served an amazing breakfast – really the best blueberry muffin of my life! – After this experience, I asked myself, “why does airplane food get so much slack?”

Coming to Korea, I flew Korean Air from Washington, DC to Seoul and was served two meals, plus snacks, all of which were amazing. I then flew China Southern Airlines to China and even though our flight was short, we were served a really great meal. Then, flying to Taiwan with Cathay Pacific, the meal to Taipei was fine (I had recently stopped eating red meat and pork) and I had no issues, until our trip home…

We left Taipei at dinner time and I was very excited to eat my en-flight meal but with 30 minutes left before our descent into the ROK, we still hadn’t been served our meal. Finally, after a very long wait, our food came but they didn’t have any vegetarian meals left and I had to choose between the beef and noodles or fish with something else. Hating even the smell of fish, I took the beef and ate the side dishes and desert. Needless to say, this has been my only bad encounter with airplane food and, in their defense, the flight was very busy, but still, I was disappointed.

I have been told many stories about terrible airplane meals and service (I’m not going to name any names but I’m sure it’s not difficult to find them out…) and I’ve heard great stories (usually Arab airlines), but these are just a few of my experiences. I’ve since learned to pre-order my vegetarian meals before my trips… starting with my trip to the USA/Canada this coming September.